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NorwalkNancy Cute little walker. The toy board comes off and you can travel with it, and snap it back on later. It has 2 speeds so the wheels wont go too fast for little one, just adjust it to the speed you want. Can go a little fast on hard wood floors but on our carpet it works great. My son walks all around the house with it.

Mom2four This is the best toy for my 10 month old daughter. She is just starting to walk holding on to things so this is perfect for her to push behind. She can sit down and play with all the different buttons and sounds on the front. The other day I took the front part out for her to play with in the car. She loved pushing the buttons and all the different sounds! This is a great toy and a great price!

First time mom Our son is 7 months old and although learning to sit unsupported, loves to stand and play too. So this toy is perfect! Fun sounds, lights and things to do keep him busy and delighted. The ability to pull the panel off for seated play is great.

msanchez Our son is 7 months old and although learning to sit unsupported, loves to stand and play too. So this toy is perfect! Fun sounds, lights and things to do keep him busy and delighted. The ability to pull the panel off for seated play is great.

First time Mom "Tash P" My 10 month old daughter loves it! Not ready to walk just yet, but she is trying to hold on. Very easy to put together and it is very durable. Highly recommend!!!

k2andfrank Don't get me wrong. This walker works very well and the lights/whistle are interesting. However, this walker does not have any torque control so it goes too fast on smooth surface. My poor daughter was cruising along on our rug, but once she hit hardwood floor, no more traction so she actually fell forward. Now, she's afraid to walk with this toy. Thank goodness she enjoys playing with the front of the walker, otherwise it would be another unused toy collecting dust.

M&Q's Mama First off, when assembling the walker portion, see instructions on back of toy. I know this seems like a no-brainer or that it's so easy to assemble--and it is. But it's also very easy to make a simple littl mistake and THEN, you have to figure out how to remove the legs. It's so simple it might just mess u up for fun!

This toy is almost perfect. I love the features it has. My son got it as a birthday gift a week before his first birthday. He was immediately interested in everthing and wanting to try it all out. He wasn't walking yet, but standing on his own and, with this toy, he was able to easily walk on carpet and very easily on hardwood. Good thing the wheels have more than one setting. My only complaint is that the phone should be attached in the same way as the little shap pieces are. Whatever the designers reason for not attaching it, the headset just falls off and gets lost. Babies (for the most part) can't snap it back in place properly, so it gets lost and ends up who-knows-where. Please chage that feature.

Otherwise, this is a fantastic toy! Thank you!

Bert Mommy This walker is working great through two sons. My almost-three-year-old received it for his first birthday. The front panel has lots of entertaining activities, and batteries last quite a long time for us. The front activity area is also easily removable for floor play.

The walker is balanced perfectly. My son can pull himself up and even go backwards, and it won't tip over. My two year old still loves to push it around, too.

Regarding the negative reviews citing that the walker moves too fast: this can be true, but I wouldn't consider it a fault of the walker. A child that is just learning to stand/walk should be closely supervised using ANY walk-behind toy. My just-learning-to-walk baby does fine with it on carpet; I make sure he stays off of hard floor with it.

ONLY CON: The walker is motion triggered to play music when your baby walks with it. Our toy must be super sensitive, because the music will keep going and going, even when not being played with. So, it usually gets switched off pretty quickly! A minor annoyance, but enough to make this 4 stars instead of 5.

Jen620 We first gave our son the detachable panel to play with while he sat on the floor at around six months. He loves all the activities, and it wasn't long before he figured out that he loved the peek-a-boo door sound effect! The music is what you'd expect from a baby's toy, but it does play a variety of songs, and the quality of the sound isn't annoying. My husband and I have both found ourselves humming the little tunes it plays. When our son started to pull himself up, we tried to give him the walker, but he pulled it down on top of himself, so we held off on it for a few more weeks. When we introduced it again, he figured out how to pull himself up without pulling it down, and now he loves walking around pushing it. He's still not walking around on his own yet at nine months, but this toy is definitely helping him to get there. I'm happy with this purchase, and glad I didn't wait until the 9 months recommended age to get it, since he loved playing with the panel by itself at 6 months.

Mommy of K This is a great learning toy. My daughter loves to play with the different options. The only problem was the toy would not stay attached to the walker but after her grandpa took it apart and adjusted it, it worked great. Would highly recommend this toy.


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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (F…

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